My life, described in haiku

Mom, wife, teacher, gluten destroyer

Spring is coming! Time to shave. — March 24, 2017

Spring is coming! Time to shave.

Broken razor.  Clogged

shower drain.  It’s time to shave

my winter leg hair.

Dog Poop-tastrophe — March 23, 2017
Dogs chose what they chew — February 12, 2016

Dogs chose what they chew

Though chew toys abound,

nothing matches the taste of

a child’s best loved doll

Fitbit — February 2, 2016


Walking ten thousand

steps felt doable until

I sat down…  and stayed.

Car Rides with Dogs — February 1, 2016

Car Rides with Dogs

Dogs slept on the two

hour drive home – until our street.

That’s their barfing street.

Dyslexia — September 7, 2015


Her mind is so free

and open she even sees

words differently

Dinner and a side dish — September 1, 2015

Dinner and a side dish

Last night’s dinner was

salmon served with rice, green beans,

and lots of complaints

Join in! — August 14, 2015

Join in!

Today I chose not

to sit and watch.  Today I

chose to splash right in

Who chose that outfit?! — August 11, 2015

Who chose that outfit?!

Leopard spots, zebra

stripes, paisley swirls.  Daddy can’t

dress you anymore.

Good job, young man — August 10, 2015

Good job, young man

Two carnival games

vanquished; he squeezed two stuffed bears –

then tossed one to sis

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