My life, described in haiku

Mom, wife, teacher, gluten destroyer

Join in! — August 14, 2015

Join in!

Today I chose not

to sit and watch.  Today I

chose to splash right in

Who chose that outfit?! — August 11, 2015
Good job, young man — August 10, 2015

Good job, young man

Two carnival games

vanquished; he squeezed two stuffed bears –

then tossed one to sis

Grocery shopping —

Grocery shopping

Grocery shopping

with three kids?  Rookie mistake.

Have I learned nothing?!

Summer children — August 6, 2015

Summer children

Lazy summer days

and late summer bedtimes end

with summer tantrums

Hello again, Monday — August 3, 2015

Hello again, Monday

Stepped out of bed and

into fresh dog pee.  Welcome

back, Monday morning.

Piles of papers —

Piles of papers

I moved my piles from

here to there, but somehow they

came back here again

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