My life, described in haiku

Mom, wife, teacher, gluten destroyer

New dog! — June 29, 2015

New dog!

Welcome to your home.

Explore, relax, settle in.

But don’t eat the cat.

No poking the family members — June 26, 2015
Directionless — June 25, 2015


I can’t find my sense

of direction.  It turned left

while I kept on straight.

Piles of piles … — June 24, 2015

Piles of piles …

Lists of to-do and

semi-done cover my desk.

But I’m at the beach.

Lunch box, again, for Celiac Girl — June 21, 2015

Lunch box, again, for Celiac Girl

Celiac Disease

means friends buy pizza while she,

always,  packs her lunch.

Teachers need the summer —

Teachers need the summer

Summer vacation

began yesterday.  Party

time!  But first… a nap.

To dream… — June 18, 2015

To dream…

Kids dream of a dog.

Mom dreams of a housekeeper.

Dad dreams of a beer.

When good moms go bad — June 12, 2015

When good moms go bad

5 o’clock and all

patience exhausted.  Speak to

me at your own risk.

Eating healthier — June 10, 2015

Eating healthier

Eating healthier

means devouring only HALF

Ben & Jerry’s pint.

The best time to throw up — June 9, 2015

The best time to throw up

Please explain to me

why three a.m. is the prime

hour for kids to puke?!

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